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SMMRT Freelancers
Refer & Earn 10% Commission

Anyone anywhere regardless their peculiarities can become a smmrt freelance affiliate. Just Sign-up, Refer people and start Earning instantly. No Start-Up Cost. No Selling. Just Refer!

SMMRT Agents
Refer & Earn 20% Commission

If you are an existing or registered Travel Agent, and looking to catch in on the action, you totally can. Simple signup, refer clients and earn an instant 20% commission.

SMMRT Locals
Close & Earn 10% Commissions

If you already have a registered business and a physical location, you too can monetise your office space. Simply host prospects referred to you at your office, and earn instant commission.

SMMRT Businesses
Determine your earnings

Start Your Own Travel Side-gig or Full-time Business in as early as 4 weeks. You get and manage your clients, we'll do all the heavy lifting, so you focus on making money. SignUp with as low as $500

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Makes Money 💰

A SMMRT Affiliate is Someone Making Money Referring Travellers to SMMRT Partners (offering travel Products & Services). There are 4 main types of affiliates; Freelancers, Agents, Locals, and Business.

Regardless which affiliate you are, everyone makes money by referring travellers. Signup today as a SMMRT Affiliate.

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SMMRTPay is a smarter way to pay for your travel expenses without spending money out of your pocket.

For instance, your Dubai Family Tour Package cost $5000, you can pay using SMMRTPay. How? Quite Simple!

As a smmrt affiliate, your earnings can pay for desired travel expenses by simply creating a SMMRTPay Plan. You select a travel products and/or services that you want, and we'll create a plan for you. That Simple!

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Instant Payouts!

Affiliates are paid commissions immediately payments are confirmed credited. We Promise - No Stories! The only time our affiliates experience Payout delays is when there is a technical issues with the payment gateway.

We follow a simplified Four (4) Steps Process - You Refer, We Close, Client Pays, You Earn in paid currency, Repeat.

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